Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Glasses, yay!

Yesterday, the frames for my glasses gave up entirely. It's been about five years since I got new glasse, and the wire frame completely wore through the bottom yesterday evening, so that the lens was held in on that side by nothing other than my nose. I called Lenscrafters this morning and got an appointment with their affiliated optometrist. Armed with my new prescription (distance vision had hardly changed, but I have progressive lenses now-- and doesn't "progressive" sound cooler than "bifocals"?), I went next door to Lenscrafters and begged them to get my glasses done today. I have very bad astigmatism, and no one's ever actually filled one of my prescriptions in a day, let alone an hour, but they looked at the prescription dubiously and said they'd do what they could. Two hours later, they called and said my glasses were ready.

On the way back over, my lens popped entirely out of my old glasses, so there I was driving down the road lefthanded, able to see out of only one eye, and scrabbling around on the floor with my right hand in an attempt to retrieve the lens. Fortunately I got to a traffic light at that point and was able to get the lens back in my old frames and hold it in till I got there. I'm glad to have said goodbye to that old pair of glasses, though. Not only were the frames beat up, but the lenses were scratched, and one of the nose guards was missing.

My new glasses are nice. The progressive lenses (which are invisible so I don't look like an old lady, yay!) will take a little while for me to adjust to, but so far I like them. There is a midrange for computer work, and a closeup range for reading. I can actually read a comic book for the first time in a long time, which is nice. I think I'm going to enjoy being able to see things close up again:-).

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