Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Print editions

Konrath has a good interview up with his print book creator. If I were to do print copies, I would definitely hire someone-- that's something I don't think I can do on my own. And I've thought about it a lot. But it looks like it would cost me about $350 per book, according to her website. And alas for me, I can say pretty conclusively I'm unlikely to earn back that much on a print edition. Why? Well, there's still a new copy of Accidentally in Love (the omnibus edition of The Nerd Prince and I'll Be There For You) sitting on Amazon, priced at a pretty reasonable $11.50. That single copy has been sitting there forever, and the current sales rank is a not-so-impressive #4,631,244.

So... yeah. Not worth it for me, I'm afraid. It's an interesting interview to look at if you're interested in print editions of your books, though!


  1. That is a wise way to look at whether or not print would be a good idea! Of course, if you also look at reasonably priced digital books you may have on Amazon and they aren't selling... (By 'you' I mean 'me') *heh*

  2. Ellen,
    Many of my books are in both POD through Createspace ($39) and as ebooks. My cover designer Judy Bullard is reasonable. We've worked together for ten years now. Take a look at her work, in case you may be interested at some point. She is also listed for cover work at Smashwords.