Monday, March 7, 2011

"Traditional" publishing is becoming less so

This article says that Avon is launching a line of e-romances. "Avon Books announced Monday that it has set up a digital romance imprint, Avon Impulse, where books by new and established authors will be released electronically, with paper editions available on demand... The digital market has been especially strong for romance fiction, in part because fans can read e-editions in public without fear of embarrassment. Avon also cited decreased shelf space in physical stores as a reason for starting Avon Impulse."

Um... yeah. We'll just ignore the idea that all romance readers are embarrassed to be romance readers and go on to the next one. Decreased shelf space in physical stores. That's certainly going to be an impetus behind a shift to e-publishing in general.

I'm curious as to whether the writers involved had regular contracts with Avon and are surprised to find themselves released in e-format and POD, or if they knew this was what they were signing up for? The article doesn't specify.

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