Saturday, April 2, 2011


My bestseller at B&N, which (as I reported earlier) was #30 on the PubIt bestseller list earlier today, has now dropped entirely out of the top hundred. My storewide rank is still showing as over 1100. And yet I sold exactly 200 copies of the book yesterday, which is better than average for this book. Strange, very strange. I shall check in the morning and see if anything has changed.

I note that a lot of other erotic romances have dropped out of the top hundred PubIt books, too. Tina Folsom is still #2 on the list with an erotica book, and her storewide rank is #106. Yet that seems to be the only erotica book in the top 50, when PubIt was previously crammed full of erotica bestsellers (and the Folsom book that was previously #1 on the list, Lawful Escort, doesn't seem to be anywhere in the top hundred now-- unless I'm missing it, which of course is quite possible this time of night). It's all very odd.

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