Monday, April 25, 2011

One more teenager in the house

My younger daughter turned thirteen today. Yeesh, I now have two teenaged girls *shudders*.

My oldest wrote her a Portal/Star Trek: The Next Generation crossover fic as a present (at the end, she wrote Congratulations on turning old). My six-year-old thoughtfully wrapped up one of his own toys, a toy knight and horse, for a birthday present for her. When she opened it, he informed her, "I never use it, and anyway, one of the dogs chewed a hoof off."

She laughed, and graciously thanked him anyway:-).


  1. Two teenagers in the house? Oh, the drama! What a fun, intense time you'll have.

    Seriously, your kids sound great.

  2. I'm the oldest of 6 girls. 4 of us within 4 years of each other. My dad always said he should have invested in feminine hygiene products so he could be a millionaire. *L*

    Your kids do sound great! I love how creative your oldest sounds! And your cute his gift was!