Monday, May 23, 2011


Christopher Smith was a huge indie success with his first novel, Fifth Avenue. He's recently released two YA books, both packaged by Trident Media, but neither is selling well right now (one is ranked in the #27,000s and the other in the #49,000s). The sales may well improve, of course, but the books have apparently not been strong out of the gate, the way Fifth Avenue was. I don't know if the relatively low sales are due to his change in genre, or if it has something to do with the book packager, but it's a reminder that even if you have one bestseller, future books are not guaranteed the same success. (And considering I have one book that continues to plod along at a mere fifteen to twenty copies sold a month, I can relate.)

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  1. Personally, the cover put me right off (for the first in the series YA book), then reading the blurb it sounded like something I might actually enjoy.

    It's true, you might strike it lucky with one book but not get uptake on the others, but I think that cover is not so appealing.