Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Humans are SO hard to train

After their last piddle of the evening, Hero goes upstairs to "his" bathroom, and Impulse goes into his crate for the night. Impy's crate is in my office, so sometimes I let him out while I hang at the computer (he makes a nice warm footrest:-). My daughter usually comes down to say goodnight to him, and when she does, she generally lets him out of his crate for a few minutes. But last night I was tired, so I said, "Oh, don't let him out, I'm just about to go to bed."

Impy waggled happily at his girl and waited expectantly for her to open his crate. When she only patted him through the bars, he pawed at the door.

Hey, kid. Open this, will ya?

She didn't, so he pointed his muzzle to first the top latch, then the bottom latch.

Here, you have to pull these, and then the door will open.

Still nothing, so he did it again, carefully pointing out both latches.

Come on, kid, I know you can figure this out.

She said goodnight to him and headed upstairs, and he sat down and looked after her with a disgusted expression.

Humans. You can try and try to train them, but they just don't seem to learn.

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