Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Yeah, I'm not too bright

So Geek Daughter and I have been setting up the computer. I'm not very smart about this stuff, sadly. I spent an hour trying to get the wireless to connect, and finally realized I had the device, but that it had also come with a CD (which I was not able to find to install). I went to Best Buy and confirmed this with the sales guy, who said (quite politely), "Yes, ma'am, it won't work without software." Uh-huh, I knew that. Really. Or at least it dawned on me after an hour or so *sighs*. So I bought a new wireless device, and it works. And this time I'm carefully stashing all my software so I can FIND it again.

I have to figure out how to work Microsoft Word 2010 (all this time I've been limping along with 2003) and how to get the stuff from my external hard drive onto my new computer. Also, I thought the speakers were very, very quiet because the old computer had a bad sound card or something, but they're still far too quiet-- as in you have to hold them up to your ear to hear them-- so I guess the problem is ancient speakers (I can tell from the style that they're from at least two computers ago). Gotta buy new ones, I guess.

Anyway, it's fun having a new computer. It doesn't happen often:-).

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