Friday, July 1, 2011

June in review

This was, once again, my worst month since January. I did not quite make my mortgage this month (though it was close!). My newest (under my pen name) did okay, selling almost a hundred copies since mid-month, but that's pretty bad compared to how my pen name used to do on B&N (I had books that were selling a couple of hundred copies a day for a while). I'm not sure what to do to get that level of sales back, though. Maybe write some more paranormal? Meanwhile, my Ellen Fisher sales were down quite a bit, too-- in fact, I only had one EF book sell more than four hundred copies.

Here is my plan to get sales going again:

1. Release at least one, and possibly two, Ellen Fisher books (Seeing Spots and True Blue) this month
2. Get some books up on Smashwords and make one EF book (Isn't It Romantic?) free in the hopes that Amazon might pick up on it as a freebie. Isn't It Romantic? is closely related to my upcoming book Summer Breeze, so I'd like as many people to read it as possible.
3. Redo the cover and blurb for Farthest Space. I have resisted doing this, because I love that cover like crazycakes, but Farthest Space only sold fifteen copies this month. Not good enough. I don't think a sci-fi spoof will ever be a huge seller, but I think it can do better.

I hope your June went well, and that sales go up this summer for all of us!


  1. I love that cover too :(. But you're probably right. Nobody wants to read sf spoofs.

  2. I don't know that people don't want to read SF spoofs. But my particular audience seems to prefer my contemporaries. Since the sci-fi spoof is tied into my contemporaries, you'd think it would be an easy sale, but for whatever reason, it's just not interesting my audience.