Sunday, August 7, 2011


I enjoyed the first episode of Curiosity on Discovery Channel, but I had some issues with its logic. Not that I'm saying I'm smarter than Stephen Hawking or anything:-). However, the conclusion put forth at the end of the show was that there was no God, because time didn't exist before the Big Bang, since the universe at that point was a singularity just like the black holes that can be found in our own universe. Nothing could have created the universe, because no time existed prior to the Big Bang.

Okay, but black holes exist in our universe, and there is time going on around them, even if not inside them. Therefore someone (not necessarily God) could presumably create a singularity. Just because there isn't time inside the singularity doesn't mean there isn't time outside the singularity.

I'm guessing Hawking's point makes more sense when written out in big, complicated (and to me, incomprehensible) equations, but it seemed like a fairly gaping hole in the explanation the show was trying to provide.

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