Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pain, pain, go away

Something is not right where I had surgery. It's gotten to the point where sitting very long is quite uncomfortable. Even worse, I can hardly bear to walk, and I'm having to make my girls do most of the shopping for me. I had a followup appointment with the surgeon on the 25th, but they called yesterday and left a message saying he had to reschedule. Today I called back and told them I had realized I needed to see him sooner, because I was in extreme discomfort. Alas, the soonest he can see me is the 31st.

Great. I'll just lie on the couch and watch TV till then. It's not like I need to write, or cook, or take care of kids and my father, or do back-to-school shopping. I'll just lie here! No freaking problem!

Tylenol helps, so I guess I'll be taking lots of that. Plus, I do believe I'll be b*tching. That helps too, oddly enough:-).

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