Saturday, October 15, 2011

A pleasant Saturday

I had a nice day today. We cleaned house in the morning-- I enjoy having a cleaner downstairs, but I particularly love it when my office and the library are neat, since these are two places where I spend a lot of time. So everything was cleaned, and I was a much happier person.

Then I picked up the two cousins, who live nearby, and brought them over for the afternoon. You'd think that would complicate the day, but they actually keep the boys busily occupied with Legos and running around, so this makes my weekend easier. I worked on editing All the Way (an upcoming short story) for quite a while. Meanwhile, the dogs were in heaven-- they believe children are sheep, so they stationed themselves outside to watch the four boys and keep them safe from any wolves that might wander into the yard, as sheepdogs are meant to do. The more children we have in the house, the better they like it!

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