Saturday, November 5, 2011

The cat update

A while back, I posted about a hungry, scrawny little cat and kitten we rescued from beneath a neighbor's house. The kitten stayed with us, of course, and is growing into a rather pretty, sleek young lady who gleefully pounces on and destroys unsuspecting curtains. The cat went to live with my dad. We visited today, and I observed that she's changed from a pitifully friendly little wisp of a cat with scruffy fur into a well-fed, beautifully long-coated, aloof house cat who stares balefully at visitors. The fact that I took her in, gave her vet care, and fed her for weeks is of no importance to her, and she feels no need to show me any affection, though she will occasionally unbend enough to grant me the courtesy of a brief brush against my hand. She is the queen of her domain, as a house kitty should be. It's nice to see:-).

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  1. I'm glad she and your Dad adjusted to each other :)