Thursday, December 29, 2011

Year end totals

I've sold slightly over 81,000 books this year (not including the tens of thousands of free downloads I've had in the past two months). That's via Barnes & Noble and Amazon, for two different pen names. Here's how it breaks down: 39,402 books sold through B&N, 41,990 sold through Amazon. (Almost all these sales were of 99-cent books.) I've sold quite a few through Apple, but Smash's reports are so horrifically complex that I wouldn't want to speculate on exactly how many. I think it's less than a thousand, in any event, though I haven't gotten my last report from Apple for the year. iTunes is growing rapidly, but for me, it's not up there with B&N and Amazon yet.

Thoughts. First of all, it's important to note that my B&N numbers were very, very high at the beginning of the year, before they readjusted their system to kick all the erotic romance out of the top sales lists. I had 11,500 sales through B&N in February alone, so you can see that badly distorts the picture of what I'm currently earning through them. My sales on B&N are way, way down now, while my sales on Amazon have remained fairly steady.

Despite that, I believe the Amazon Select program would be a very bad move for me. Not only have I made a lot of money through B&N this year, but I'm doing increasingly well over on iTunes, too. I put a couple of my very worst sellers into the Select program, but I certainly wouldn't do it across the board. My advice is to look at your numbers carefully before leaping into it.

Also, my numbers for Amazon have been up quite a bit this month thanks to having had a successful freebie (In the Mood). Free books do seem to do quite a bit to improve your exposure.

And finally, I'm almost up to 100,000 sold since I began indie publishing! One more month, and I might just accomplish it.

Thanks to everyone who bought my books this year. You're all awesome. And good luck to all my writer friends-- I hope you all sell a million books in 2012!

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