Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rearranging my office a bit

I was inspired by some pictures on a Kindleboards thread to rearrange my office a bit. I've decided to move the doggy crate out into a quiet corner of the living room, instead of my office, where it's been since we moved. I don't know if Impy will accept this-- he only goes in the crate at night, but he's slept in the office for as long as he can remember. But if he accepts it (and he's generally more flexible than Hero is), I'll move an armchair into that corner of my office. It's irritating to me that I have no place to sit and relax in there-- sometimes I edit by reading my books on Kindle, or sort through my mail, and a nice chair in my office would be welcome. So we'll give it a try, anyway!


  1. Some day I might have a real live office *sighs*

  2. I had my "office" in a crowded corner of my bedroom for years and years, so I feel your pain. I'm just lucky to have found exactly what I needed, housewise, when I moved. This house couldn't work better for us if we'd built it from the ground up.