Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Amazon and Random House

I'm trying to adjust some prices on books, and Amazon is making me crazy. They keep readjusting my listed prices to match other sites. The problem is, they are somehow failing to see the current prices listed across the internet. They just sent me an email clarifying why they were price matching, listing sites where they thought my book was listed at lower prices, and I sent back an email with links showing them that yes, those books are now listed at the new price. Hopefully Amazon will correct the prices now.

Meanwhile, I got a voice mail from someone at Random House yesterday who's interested in reissuing The Light in the Darkness as an ebook. My friend Jody pointed out to me that Samhain also has a "retro romance" line, and of course, reissuing it myself is always an option, too. So we'll see what Random House has to offer. I'll keep you all updated!

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