Friday, June 29, 2012

Hero's day out

Hero and I went to PetSmart today. He has a new obedience class coming up, and so we're working hard on public behavior. He did a nice job, and didn't jump up on anyone despite being patted by quite a few strangers. At the end of our visit, we stopped to buy something. Hero loves the cashiers because they always have treats, and they all know to tell him "be a gentleman" so he'll behave. He jumped up on the counter to say hi, the cashier said, "Be a gentleman," and he promptly dropped into a sit and stared expectantly at her. She gave him a couple of treats, and then he got the bright idea of performing extra tricks for her. He waved and sat up spontaneously, and got three more treats as a reward.

We then stopped through the Arby's drive-through on the way home. Hero loves drinking water from a cup, so this is a major source of joy for him. The lady there gave us his cup, and he stared at her intently, utilizing his best Jedi mind control. I sometimes order a beef and cheddar and share it with him, and he was quite obviously trying to use his telepathic powers to compel her to hand over a sandwich. She laughed, and gave me a couple of chicken nuggets, which I fed him, to his great appreciation. Apparently his Jedi mind control powers are working just fine.
"You want to go home and rethink your life. Also, you should feed me, because I'm starving."

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