Monday, June 4, 2012

Snapshot of the past

I found something cool while digging around at my dad's house today. My mom was a journalist and photographer, and so were my grandfather and great-grandfather. I assume Mom inherited this little camera from one of them:

 Here's the medallion on the case. EKC for the Eastman Kodak Company, obviously:
 This is the interior, identifying it as a 1A Folding Pocket camera.

This site shows what this model of camera looks like with the bellows extended (I wouldn't dare try it on mine!) and indicates it was produced from 1905-1915 (mine has black bellows, so it was manufactured in 1912 or later). Granddad was born in 1897, so it may have been his or his father's. I come from a long line of journalists, so this is a little piece of family history I'm glad to have found. I will say that the descriptor "pocket camera" seems a bit of an exaggeration. It's pretty big. I'll stick with my iPhone!

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