Monday, February 11, 2013

The Light in the Darkness in ebook, maybe

I posted something about this last night but took it down due to lack of information. But today, having scoured the web, I have found that Random House indicates The Light in the Darkness will be released as an ebook on March 6, 2013. Amazon and B&N have it available for pre-order, too.

There are several things odd about this-- the book ought to be released under the Loveswept classic line, which usually has pricing of $2.99, and there should be a new cover. There's a similar listing (with the price of $7.99) for Elizabeth Elliott's Betrothed, showing the original cover. I am guessing the books will be released around this date, but that the listing is not yet complete. So I wouldn't pre-order yet (not that I imagine you're all queued up anxiously pushing the pre-order button on Amazon anyway:-). I do hope this means I'll have a new cover and more accurate info about the price and release date soon, though!

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