Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Editing, editing

I did a few quick and easy revisions on STRANGER, and now I'm slooooowly working on the one biggie. I realized the other day that an extremely important and pivotal scene needs to be almost totally rewritten. This happens all the time: I go along writing, getting brilliant new ideas and writing in brilliant new plot twists, and suddenly I realize one of my brilliant new plot twists is in direct contradiction to a scene I wrote earlier. So I have to go back and totally overhaul that scene. This happens to me at least once in every book, and it's a direct consequence of writing by the seat of my pants rather than outlining first. Alas, I can't outline. And rewriting one or two scenes is not really a huge deal, anyway. Anyway, I don't want to try to change the way I write... it's always worked fairly well for me.

STRANGER is now listed on NCP's "sneak peek" page, although the cover isn't up yet. I'm waiting for that cover with bated breath... can't wait to see it!


  1. Yay, Ellen! You got a blog! I can terrorize YOUR blog, now! *g*

  2. Hi, Larissa! I was inspired to start a blog by you and Alison. I didn't realize you were back online; I'll have to start visiting your blog again and leaving my usual annoying little comments:-).