Wednesday, July 28, 2004

My website

My website is having loads of hits lately-- many more than normal. I am hopeful that the increase is due to my participation in NCP's ad in the August issue of Romantic Times, but that ad didn't list my website addy, which means readers either have to find me via the NCP site or Google. The cynic in me wonders if so many readers would bother to hunt down an author they never heard of that way. But I'd like to think the RT ad is responsible, simply because it was so darn expensive! Of course, hits to my website are nice, but unless they translate into sales, the RT ad wasn't worth the money. I probably won't know if it was a good investment until I get my January royalty statement.

Work on STRANGER has mostly come to a standstill, I'm sorry to say. DH is reading it over, but only about for an hour per evening. The poor guy DOES have a day job, after all. Right now he's only up to about page 142 (out of 350). He has pointed out a few logical flaws which I've fixed, so I don't dare skip letting him read the manuscript-- I need his sharp eyes. But waiting on him means I probably won't get the manuscript in to my editor till at least this weekend *sigh*.

And I finished Marianne Stilling's THE DAMSEL IN THIS DRESS (Avon) yesterday. This is a fabulous contemporary. Trust me. Go read it!

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