Saturday, July 3, 2004


I got huge news yesterday-- Love Remembered, my first book for NCP (a colonial Virginia romance) will be available in trade paperback in October or November! I'm so thrilled! I know it's retro of me, but I do love to see my books in print... there's nothing like holding your work in your hands. Ebooks are undeniably "real" books, as real as a paperback book, yet friends and family are usually more impressed by a paperback. I know my eighty-six-year-old father really doesn't understand what an ebook is (he doesn't even have a computer), but he'll be delighted to see my work in print.

Despite all the excitement, I did do a lot of work on Never Love a Stranger yesterday afternoon, and I'm within thirty pages of the end. Which is not to imply I'll be finished anytime soon-- this is my first rewrite, and I have lots more polishing and revision to do. But it's shaping up and reading more smoothly all the time, and I'm liking it better and better.

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  1. Congratulations! Boy, I feel SO out of the loop! I hate moving.