Thursday, July 8, 2004

Weekend nonwork

I've been feeling lousy for a while, which has significantly impacted my ability to get work done, but now I'm finally feeling better. Pretty much back to my normal perky self, in fact. I'd love to dedicate this weekend to getting STRANGER done, but we have already planned to visit our families. DH's parents and my father both live in the same nearby city, so we visit quite frequently. All the grandparents like to see the grandkids (I suppose they like to see us too, but let's face it, grandkids are ever so much more fun) and spoil them rotten. So we'll have a good time, but no work will get done this weekend. But that's okay... family comes first, right?

On the plus side, we'll be leaving the oldest (and noisiest) child with Gammy for a visit, so things will be quieter around here next week!


  1. HI, Guess who. By the way, who is DH?

  2. Well, hello, Pop-pop, fancy meeting you here! ARE you guys going to spoil my daughter next week??

    DH is an abbreviation for Dear Husband. Sometimes I also refer to him as VH... Vulcan Husband:-D.