Monday, August 30, 2004


I finally put on a movie, plopped my kids in front of it, and finished my portion of the fantasy partial. 2500 words in a morning, and I sent it back to my co-author. So that's done. Yes, I'm a terrible mom... but a terrific writer *eg*. And besides, they're watching "Fantasia," which you could describe as "cultural enrichment." (After this I think they're planning on watching "Spy Kids 3D," which might not *quite* fall into that category:-).

I also spotted another e-pubbed author who's going to be writing for New York. Popular EC author Cheyenne McCray (link to her blog above) has signed a four-book contract with St. Martin's Press. How about that, huh? Hurray for Chey!

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  1. LOL--I do the same thing! Put on a video and convince myself it's educational or something! *g* Nah, we aren't terrible moms. My mom NEVER let me watch TV when I was a kid. I was a slave. We lived on a farm and had so many chores that I never got to watch TV. So see, our kids have it so much better! ; )