Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Mom stuff vs. writing

Today I spent the early morning writing up my newsletter, which has to go out tomorrow. I spent the rest of the morning doing "mom stuff"-- getting groceries and doing laundry. This stuff is boring, but it does have to be done every now and then-- DH was complaining this morning he was almost out of underwear. (Don't ask me why he can't just go commando to the office:-). And further mucking up my writing schedule is the fact that the older kids have been really hard to get along with today... the closer we get to the start of school, the more mouthy and obnoxious they become. I think they're secretly looking forward to school, although they might not admit it. I know *I'm* looking forward to the start of school!

Tonight DH is taking me out for dinner for my birthday (which is actually tomorrow). Ordinarily we go visit our parents, dump the kids on the inlaws for a few hours, and go out to a nice seafood restaurant. But alas, the parents-in-law are heading off for a cruise. DH is too cheap to pay for a babysitter, so we have to take the kids along for dinner, and thus fancy restaurants are out. Hence we're going to Outback. But that's okay... I love Outback!


  1. Happy birthday, Ellen! I hope you have a great day!

  2. Thank you, Sylvia:-).