Friday, August 13, 2004

Heading for Tennessee

I heard from my editor last night about NEVER LOVE A STRANGER; she said it's "really good." (But of course we already knew that:-). She's still looking it over for errors. I'm not sure what will happen if she finds any; I'm heading out to Tennessee tonight, and I won't be back till August 22. And my release date is August 27. Any significant rewrites will probably push my release back a week or so. I'm crossing fingers that DH and I got all the problems!

I will not be posting in this blog again till August 23. We're heading out to Blacksburg, VA tonight-- about a four-hour trip-- and in the morning we'll take off for Nashville. In Nashville we're going to see the Parthenon (the kids are going to think that is way cool), Belle Meade Plantation, the Nashville Zoo, and the Country Music Hall of Fame. (I loathe country music, but DH insists this is a necessary stop when you go to Nashville, and he's probably right.) Oh, and we're going to take a dinner cruise on one of those big showboats. The kids'll love that, too.

Around midweek we'll head back to Gatlinburg and see Ripley's aquarium, Tuckaleechee Caverns, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Rock City, and *groan* Dollywood. I swore I wouldn't go near Dollywood, but the kids have to go to at least one theme park on every vacation, or they aren't happy. And they're such good little travelers I'm willing to make the sacrifice, even though I can't go on a roller coaster because I'm pregnant, darn it. I guess I'll be riding the carousel and the ferris wheel a lot. Be still my beating heart *grinning wryly*.

Anyway, I plan on enjoying this vacation a whole lot... we probably won't get one next year, what with the neonate and all, so I intend to have a terrific time!


  1. We'll miss you, but have fun! Dh and I spent a couple of days in Tennesse during our move (the Lynchburg area) and loved it! I wanna go back!

    Take care, and be safe!

  2. Cool! I went the Tennesee (can't spell) and saw the underbelly of the city. (I always get to see the underbelly of any city I visit) We actually never could find the parthenon. I was totally crushed.

    Gatlinburg is really cool though. Love all the shops they have. Have fun, girl. I'll miss ya!

  3. Have a fun trip, Ellen :-)