Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Life with a nitpicker

As I said below, DH is doing one more read-through of NEVER LOVE A STRANGER, at his insistence. He's found most of the major problems, so he's descended into nitpicking. He reads the book at night and leaves notes, and then I email him at work the next day if I have any questions. Some of his notes are on absurdly irrelevant issues. For example, he left a note asking if I was sure the Mini Cooper is available in yellow. The resulting email conversation:

Ellen: Yes, the Mini Cooper comes in yellow. I've seen them.

DH: Okay, I checked the Mini website, and you're right.

Ellen: ExCUSE me?? You CHECKED THE SITE? Didn't I *say* I was certain? I have SEEN yellow Minis with my own EYES. I'm not colorblind, you know. Don't you TRUST me?

DH: There's an old saying... "trust but verify."

Ellen: Pbbbbbbttttt.

A few days ago we also had an hour-long email discussion about whether my heroine was old enough to remember "Mork and Mindy." An entire hour of our time wasted on a totally irrelevant question. Yep, when you start arguing trivia with your critique partner, it's time to turn in the manuscript. Either that, or it might just be time to get rid of the critique partner *evil grin*.

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