Tuesday, August 3, 2004

Sales figures

I got my royalty statement yesterday, and sad to say, it was not good news. I had rather expected ISN'T IT ROMANTIC? to be my best seller so far, since as a novella it was significantly cheaper than either of my full-length novels. (It also got the best reviews of any of my books.) Instead it is my lowest seller to date. Sagging sales figures are not a good sign in e-publishing, any more than they are in traditional publishing.

I think I've already posted that I had previously discussed the matter of my low sales with my editor. She responded that romantic comedies, while popular in traditional publishing, don't tend to do well with ebook readers. Her suggestion was that I switch to writing futuristics or paranormals, which have typically done well for NCP. As it happens, my next book is a futuristic, so my next royalty statement should show whether or not her theory is correct.

There's an irony in here somewhere... the type of romantic comedies I write quite frequently hit the USA Today bestseller list when published by major publishers. SOMEONE out there reads romantic comedies! But unfortunately, they're not finding mine...

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