Monday, August 9, 2004

My website

DH is supposed to update my website tonight. It desperately needs it, as it hasn't been updated in over a month. DH ordinarily updates it about once a week, but his duties as Critique Partner have taken precedence over his duties as Web God over the past month. Poor DH... he does so much work for me, for absolutely no payment (other than my undying love and affection, of course:-).

But DH voluntarily took on the job of designing and updating my website, so he can't really complain. An article on the Dream Forge Media website says that computer programmers usually make very poor website designers because they have a lousy sense of design. DH (who programs midrange computers for a living) is an exception, I think, although it admittedly took him a good deal of practice to get to this stage. My website is plain, but attractive, and the layout is easy to navigate and makes sense. He's also tried to keep the graphics to a minimum, since not everyone has a Speedy Gonzales connection. (In fact, a couple of writing friends of mine have so many graphics on their sites that I have never once had the patience to let their websites load fully. I'm still using dialup. I don't think I'm the last person in America using it, either.) Overall, DH does a good job and I'm happy with my website.

But if I were actually making money at writing, and I could convince DH to let me hire someone else (which won't happen, because he actually seems to enjoy playing around with my website), I'd probably hire either Dream Forge Media or Wax Creative. Both of them do some VERY nice websites for romance authors.

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