Saturday, August 7, 2004

Off my desk

I just sent NEVER LOVE A STRANGER off to my editor, so it is officially Off My Desk. DH kindly spent his evenings this week reading it, I plugged any holes he found (most of which were really quite minor), and this morning I gave it a final once-over and sent it off.

Can't wait to see what reviewers and readers think of STRANGER... it's quite different from anything I've ever written. In tone it's not dissimilar from my historicals, since it's basically pretty serious. Readers who have only read my romantic comedies and liked my humor may find it rather dark. It has a lot more action than any other book I've written, as well as a touch of violence. And many readers are likely to find the hero's nature a bit startling. So reading reviews of STRANGER promises to be an interesting experience!

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