Wednesday, September 15, 2004


The AC guy came by to finish fixing my air conditioner yesterday, but I managed to get a little work done around him anyway. I wrote six pages-- three in either novella. Most of a scene apiece. Both novellas are going well, I'm happy to say. One of them actually has me giggling out loud... and I never laugh out loud at books, particularly not my own. So either it's very funny or I'm losing my mind. Either is a possibility.

This morning I did administrative tasks-- specifically, I sent out a load of bookmarks. I'm going to the bookstore this morning, but in the afternoon I'll try to write some more. With the onset of the school year, I'm trying to find a new schedule that works-- there's just not enough time in the morning any more. The early afternoon seems to work well, as my three-year-old gets nice and relaxed about then and lounges around looking at books.

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  1. Be glad! I hardly ever laugh aloud at books or even my own writing, but when I do, I know it's funny!