Tuesday, September 14, 2004

'Tis a gift to be simple

The simplest things can amuse a three-year-old. My son loves to look at the computer while I work on it, and three things are his absolute favorites:

The screen saver. We have a screen saver with fish on it, and he loves to point out the sting ray and the shark, and tell me the colors of the various fish, over and over again.

Alison Kent's website. He adores her website because it has little circular buttons. He loves to watch the buttons come up one by one and chants, "One-two-fwee-four-five-six" as they come up. He demands "the circles" about thirty times a day.

My website. Specifically, he loves the cover of NEVER LOVE A STRANGER. He takes great joy in pointing at the nude guy on the cover, laughing maniacally, and yelling, "He gots no cwothes on! THAT'S CWAZY!!"


  1. Having a five-year old and a three-year old myself, I can clearly the picture the delight your son experiences in the naked guy!! LOL

  2. Oh that is too cute what your little guy said about your cover :-). PJ, my three year old, used to climb on top of my lap when I was working on the lap. But then Daddy mad him his own computer and a lot of times I have to drag him off it to go outside and get some fresh air :-). He was playing his Blues Clues birthday party game today and thought the world would end if he didn't find the third clue, mommy had to explain to him that you can save the game and come back to it later