Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Brava and other stuff

Hurray for Larissa Ione (www.larissaione.com), whose terrific entry is a finalist in the Brava contest!!

I got a note from Mrs. Giggles this morning, asking me to send another copy of NEVER LOVE A STRANGER, which I sent. Seems her computer wiped out the other copy. She told me she was halfway through it and really wanted to know what happened next. That could be good ("wow, this is terrific, can't wait to finish it") or bad ("this is the most astounding train wreck I've ever read... I really want to finish it to know if it gets even worse"). *G* Only time will tell, I guess. But it's nice to know she's working on reading it!

I have some stuff to do this morning, but the fantasy romance is percolating in my little brain. I did some editing on it this morning, and I hope to finish up the manuscript this afternoon.

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