Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Finished with the fantasy!!

After two big days of writing I wrapped up the fantasy romance. It came out to 19,000 (!!!!!) words. I guess I added about 5500 words to it. I sent it off to the editor and my co-author and will wait to see what they think. Anyway... I'm done and I'm glad, because I feel pretty wrung out. I don't ordinarily write quite that much in two days!


  1. Congrats on finishing!!! That's awesome. You wrote HOW MANY words in two days??? I'm lucky to write 3 on most days...

    Thanks for the congrats on the Brava contest, by the way! *g*

  2. As I said below, desperation is one of the two driving forces behind my writing:-). I have very erratic writing habits. Half the time I hardly write anything in a day.

    And your entry in the Brava contest is really great!