Saturday, September 25, 2004

Mommy griping, part II

My dd's teacher responded very politely to my concerns about her reading. (In a prior blog entry I talked about how dd, who is in first grade, is reading Harry Potter, but that she was reading "easy reader" materials at school.) The teacher assured me dd would be given books at her reading level and challenged. In a separate conversation with DH, she told him she thought dd's comprehension level was about second grade. I think it's closer to third, but it can be very hard to tell about dd, who is basically a quiet, reticent type. This is why I suggested an OBJECTIVE reading test, which doesn't seem to have been done. But anyway, we made the teacher aware of the problem, and she responded with nice reassurances. Hurray. Problem solved. Right?

Maybe not. Yesterday dd came home with two "phonics practice readers." The first one reads, "Hap! Hap! I can not find Hap! Rap. Rap. Tap. Tap. I see Hap in my cap" and goes on in that vein. Sort of like uninspired Dr. Seuss. Dd read two pages and flatly refused to read any more. It's outright insulting, considering the teacher acknowledges she's reading at at least a second grade level-- would she give a second grader a book like this?? I hit the ceiling, DH hit the ceiling, and a somewhat stronger (but still polite) letter to the teacher is in the process of being composed.

With my oldest, I dealt with a similar problem by homeschooling for a year, then advancing her a grade. I don't want to homeschool now, though, considering I have a three-year-old and am twenty weeks pregnant. To say nothing of the fact that I finally have my writing career going and don't want to stall it again. And skipping this daughter a grade isn't an option-- she's advanced in reading, but not in other subjects. So we're going to have to beat this teacher into submission and MAKE her teach our daughter, somehow or other:-).

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  1. You know, I had a similar situation, and it was not complicated by another child or a pregnancy. Let her read Tap, Tap, Tap or whatever she has at school, and consider it a test of humility, patience, and following rules. Give her something good to read at home, and follow the home reading assignments. Let her stay in her grade for socialization and her other classes. Advancement is great, but it is not always the answer. Giving her separate textbooks from her school mates may not be either. It's a very delicate situation. Plus, you have a smaller child, and another one on the way, and you are writing. Look at the bigger picture. This teacher won't ruin her life. But you taking on more than you can might ruin yours. Good luck. You are one talented lady to carry all of this. And well, I hope you know that I was not speaking out of line. I do know a lot about this kind of situation.
    Good luck again.