Friday, September 24, 2004


Most of my morning was taken up by an ultrasound, the big detailed one they give you when you're over 35. The baby (almost 20 weeks along, and approximately thirteen ounces) appears to be nice and healthy, with an extremely small risk of any sort of chromosomal abnormality. I'm not terribly surprised, since all my kids have been healthy, but I'm breathing a sigh of relief anyway:-). I didn't find out the gender, so don't ask... I like to be surprised. I did get to see the heart beating (159 beats per minute), and watched it do somersaults while the ultrasound technician chased it around. Now I know why my abdomen is sore sometimes... the baby is using me as a trampoline!

Anyway, now I have to clean house. But I DESPERATELY NEED TO WRITE. This weekend will probably be a waste of writing time (we're going to the State Fair on Sunday with the family) but on Monday I must return to work! I must!!!

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  1. Awe :-). I still have PJ's ultrasound pic framed. I know it's corny but he was actually smiling in it so I saved it. It graced my desk while I was pregnant with him at the job I had. I'm glad you've got a healthy baby and I hope all keeps going smoothly with the pregnancy :-)