Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Mrs. Giggles

I got an 83 from Mrs. Giggles on NEVER LOVE A STRANGER! (Link to the review above.) That's a pretty darn good grade from her, and my best from her so far. But here's what I love about Mrs. G-- she manages to compliment an author at the same time she insults her.

For example, she says my writing is good but then says I spend too much time on "a soapbox for peace and harmony in the world" and advocate tree-hugging and pacifism. I don't usually discuss my political leanings here, but it might interest Mrs. G to know that I'm a rather sharply right-leaning, conservative Libertarian type. I've never been accused of promoting tree-hugging in my life! I try not to get political in my books, but there were a couple of satirical moments in there that might have been misinterpreted, I guess. DH warned me that might happen:-).

She also blithely insults the entire ebook industry with the question, "Can someone tell me one more time why this author is stuck in e-book limbo?" That's probably intended as a compliment, but I don't consider having five books published in a year with lots of excellent reviews to be "limbo," personally.

Also, she makes some rude comments about my cover. The fact is that what sells well in e-publishing may not be what sells well in print publishing, and I'm happy with this cover because I think it is more likely to sell well to NCP's customers. Besides, I have to admit I like naked guy covers, LOL.

Anyway, overall it's a pretty decent review and I'm not unhappy with being compared more or less favorably to Susan Squires and Susan Grant!


  1. Oh, excellent! And you're right--and 83 from Mrs. Giggles is high praise indeed! *g*

  2. I read this review. If you make it into the 80s with Mrs. Giggles, that IS like FANTASTIC! Now this is a review I would print and frame for my wall. Mrs. Giggles does not give out many 80something reviews. This is worth more than any other review in my book.

    Keep up the good work. I'm reading it! Janie