Thursday, September 30, 2004


After I posted yesterday, I discussed the spoiler review with DH, and he thought I should approach the site. (DH is naturally somewhat assertive. I, on the other hand, am a wuss.) I wrote an extremely polite and careful note to the reviewer explaining that I thought she might be giving away a little too much, and she very promptly wrote me back and said she'd fix it. Sure enough, she did, and the review no longer contains a spoiler. I'm grateful she fixed it so promptly.

I also got a second lovely review of STRANGER last night from PNR Reviews, which seemed most impressed by the, er, intellectual aspects of my book. She called it "an excellent romantic sci/fi that will keep you thinking," as well as "thought provoking." Yeah, that's me... thought-provoking *g*. But it was a very nice review. That's three new reviews in a day-- time for DH to update the website!

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