Friday, September 10, 2004

Not accomplishing much...

This morning was mostly taken up by a doctor appointment... one of the perils of being pregnant. When I got home, I got the Phoenix Rising newsletter out (I tried twice yesterday, but Yahoo was apparently hungry, as it devoured it both times). I also followed up with an editor who has a novella of mine that we've corresponded about. She wrote back very promptly, told me her assistant had just gotten it to her yesterday, and that it was at the top of her reading pile.

So... writing-related work has been accomplished today, but actual writing? Nope. I think I'd better write a few pages this weekend before I forget how:-O.


  1. Awww, Ellen!! I didn't know you were pregnant!!! Keep me posted. I love babies!

  2. I guess I must love babies too, as this is my fourth:-O. I'm about eighteen weeks along... starting to get rather round in the middle!

  3. Four? Wow.

    Your Eagle Scout's doing something right. ;)

  4. WHoo Hooo! A baby! *g*

    As for writing, I try to do something writing related everyday, but I don't always get any acual writing done. Sometimes it's ok to be a bit relaxed about it. :)