Thursday, September 9, 2004

Putting together a newsletter

This morning I'm getting the Phoenix Rising newsletter ready to send out. I sent it to all the involved authors and asked them to look it over the other day, and there were no problems, so I decided to get it out this morning. Unfortunately, I promptly ran into two difficulties. I realized I didn't know the full name of one columnist-- she signed her email only with her first name, and we have two authors by that name. NCP has somewhere in the neighborhood of sixty or seventy authors, and I don't recognize every email addy. So I had to email her for more info so she gets proper credit. Secondly, Yahoo insists on reformatting my cut-and-pasting very oddly, so I have another email in to someone who might be able to help me. I hate Yahoo!

Yesterday I lost a child:-). I waited at the bus stop for my first grader and watched all the kids get off the bus... and she wasn't among them. I asked the other kids about her, and no one had seen her, so I walked back home to call the school, imagining the poor kid scared to death as she rode the wrong bus all over the county. Happily, the school had just left a message on my answering machine-- she'd missed the bus somehow and was waiting in the office. So I drove over to the school to fetch her. I'm still not sure how she missed the bus... most likely she was reading and failed to hear the announcement. Yep, she's her mother's child, all right:-D.


  1. Putting together a newsletter? You are SO much braver than I am! And where do you find the time??? People like you, who can write books on a deadline, handle kids and family, and do extra stuff like newsletters amaze me!!!!

  2. Newsletters are really an important way of reaching your readers, IMHO. I have a personal newsletter which goes out once a month, and I just took over our group newsletter because the author who was doing it didn't have the time (she has a new story released about every two weeks, so she's much busier than I am!). I send out a plain text newsletter via Yahoo, which really doesn't take too much time. I have about ninety people signed up for my personal newsletter now. I'd skip just about any other promotional activity in order to make enough time to send that out every month!