Friday, September 3, 2004

Working on UNWRAPPED

I wrote six pages of UNWRAPPED yesterday, and I feel better. Admittedly six pages isn't much, but I really hate having something hanging over my head that I haven't started yet. I'll try to get some more done today. I now know my characters and the basic conflict, so it should come fairly easily, although I'm sure a lot of backstory and additional plot will develop as I write. That's how I write... I start with a very basic idea and expand as I go.

My novella ISN'T IT ROMANTIC? was posted to Fictionwise Monday, and by yesterday it was number nine on the bestselling Romance Ebooks list. In fact, six of the top ten romance books on Fictionwise right now are NCP books. I'm betting NCP is pleased that they decided to go ahead and start listing their books to Fictionwise again!

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