Sunday, October 10, 2004

My anniversary

One year ago today my first NCP book was published. Before that, five years (almost to the day) had elapsed since I'd published my first book. So today is my first anniversary as an e-published author. It's been a busy year. I've had five releases-- three novels, one novella, and one short story. One of my releases was a historical, three were contemporaries, and one was a futuristic time travel. I've had approximately seventy positive reviews, including fourteen or fifteen five-star reviews. I've received three Reviewers Choice awards (for two different books), finalled in Sizzling Romances' Sizzler Awards, and had a bestseller on Fictionwise. I also finalled in the Lori Foster Brava contest. Overall, a very busy year.

LOVE REMEMBERED will be released in paperback sometime in October or November-- something I'm really looking forward to. And I now have four new books lined up (not contracted, but hopefully soon to be) for two different e-publishers. Hopefully all of them will be issued by spring of 2005, although I really can't guess about the new publisher's release schedule. But all the ones I have lined up through NCP should be released by spring. And then what do I want to do for the rest of 2005?

I'm not sure, really. Naturally I'd love to write for Brava, but that's pretty much out of my hands at this point... I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed. I do know I'd like to earn more money-- this year has been great as far as getting noticed is concerned, but I haven't made a whole lot of royalties. (Admittedly I still have one royalty statement to go, which I won't get till November or thereabouts.) But I do know that wherever my career goes, I want to continue writing for NCP at least some of the time-- they've been good to me, and I love writing for them. Anyway, I want to support e-publishing in general... I believe small presses benefit both authors AND readers. Heaven knows NCP has done great things for my previously stalled career, and I'm extremely grateful!

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