Monday, October 11, 2004

Stuff to do

On Saturday and Sunday morning I ran around too much and overexerted myself, so that I wound up spending all of Sunday afternoon lying in bed, alternately reading Lori Foster's WHEN BRUCE MET CYN... (good book, BTW!) and snoozing. Reminder to self: You are five months pregnant and you get tired easily. Learn to take it easy.

Needless to say, no writing got done yesterday, although I did finish reading the Foster book. Today I have other stuff to do-- I have to clean up the kitchen, as well as fold and put away vast quantities of laundry (where do these mountains of laundry come from, anyway?). I am also endeavoring to potty train my boy, who is three and a half and seems to have decided he doesn't mind living in diapers the rest of his life. I'm tired of changing diapers (yes, I'll be doing it again come February, but I need a little break) and I've decided he's going to be potty trained this week, no matter how astoundingly obtuse he is. We'll see what happens...

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