Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Gosh, it sure is quiet out there in Blogland. Many of the blogs I like to read each morning aren't being updated on a very regular basis anymore, and no one seems to be leaving comments on my blog *sniff*. What, are you all working or something??

After hanging out with my dad yesterday, I didn't feel much like writing. Happily, I received Jaide Fox's THE SHADOWMERE TRILOGY in my mailbox. This is a print omnibus edition of three of her novellas, UNTAMED, SEDUCED BY DARKNESS, and THE DRAGON KING. I've read her futuristics, but this is the first time I've read her fantasy romances, and I'm already about halfway through. These stories rock... and man, are they sexy *pouring ice water over head*. Also, it's nice to see an NCP paperback-- this is the first one I've seen since they switched to trade size. It looks good... I can't wait to see my own book in paperback!


  1. Working & Sick *sniff sniff* Feeling better today though. Which one is comming out in paperback? I'll probably drop some hints & see if I can get Never Love A Stranger for x-mas :-).

  2. Poor thing... I'm sorry you're sick. We've had some of that going around our house, too; colds always seem to happen when the weather changes.

    My colonial Virginia historical, LOVE REMEMBERED, is the one coming out in paperback sometime in October/November.

  3. Yes, I agree it's been quiet. I enjoy it when we get in the flow of writing and posting on our blogs. I, unfortunately, have been stuck doing techie stuff to my site, but that's all over now. (Whether it wants to be or not!)

  4. Hee. I'm cutting back because when there's a post, it usually means that I've been online for a while and I need to get off! *G* But I'm working I guess...or procrastinating..