Saturday, October 30, 2004

Revisions and insecurities

Yesterday I read the first two stories in I BRAKE FOR BAD BOYS (by Lori Foster and Janelle Denison). This afternoon I worked on revising IN THE MOOD, my Brava entry, and I was abruptly overwhelmed by anxiety. My writing isn't as good as Foster and Denison's writing! My story isn't nearly as good as theirs! I don't write as sexy as they do! Aaaaahhhh! *Sound of Ellen hyperventilating*

Eventually, of course, I thought about it logically and calmed down a bit. Of COURSE my story isn't as good as theirs are; good grief, they're *Lori Foster* and *Janelle Denison*! I mean, duh... it kind of goes without saying a pair of nationally bestselling authors write better than I do, you know? But I reminded myself I'm not competing against them, and I don't necessarily have to write as well as Lori Foster to impress Kate Duffy... if that were true, darned few of us would ever catch the eye of an editor!

Besides, it's always a mistake to compare your writing to someone else's. Foster and Denison have very different styles, and very different levels of sensuality, but they're both terrific writers. "Different" does not necessarily equate to "inferior." Always a good thing to remember!

I am now taking a deep breath and going back to revisions:-).


  1. Good point, Ellen! I have moments like that--where I compare my writing to some favorite authors', and then I freak out. But then I try to remember...they probably didn't start out awesome. They grew into it.

    And another thing...the authors you may think are great, others think are awful. I honestly can't figure out how some "bestselling" authors got there, especially when I see unpubs who I honestly believe are much more talented.

    So remember that! THEY may be published, but that doesn't mean that you really aren't better! *g*

  2. I totaly agree with you and Larissa. I also remind myself that what I am reading, that I think is so awesome, is the final, finished product after who knows how many revisions, edits and even copy-edits. So we can't even compare our first, second, or even third drafts(AND, writing for a major NY publisher is totally different from writing for yourself or even some of the better e-publishers)to a best-selling author's final draft.