Monday, November 1, 2004


The kids had a great time last night. The nine-year-old dressed up as a skeleton, the six-year-old as a witch with green hair, and the three-year-old as Pooh Bear. It was the three-year-old's first time trick-or-treating, and he had a great time and was absolutely thrilled to receive so much candy. Unfortunately, it turned really warm this weekend (in the eighties yesterday), which was good news for the kid wearing the lightweight witch costume, but bad for the other two. The oldest wound up taking off her gloves and mask. The little one never complained, but when we got him back to the house we took off his big furry costume and discovered his hair was soaked with sweat. The poor little guy. But he didn't mind much-- he was too busy exulting over his candy!

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  1. My son once had a Bear in the Big Blue House costume from The Disney Store that covered everything but his face. When we took it off of him, he looked like he'd just gotten out of the shower!!! He loved it though and it was a big hit with the neighbors.