Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Writing and more writing

I finally figured out what made the heroine of my WIP tick yesterday, and now it's coming much more easily. I wrote five pages. I would have written more, but the car needed an oil change. Real life has an awkward way of interfering with my writing.

I also heard back from my editor about the fantasy romance (tentatively titled OUTCAST) that Angelica Hart and I wrote. You remember, the one that was supposed to be a free short story, but it grew too long and became a novella. She said it was "wonderful" and wants to issue it as a regular release. But here's the funny part... she thinks it needs to be longer *snickering*!

1 comment:

  1. Five Pages is excellent, you should be very proud of that :-). Been procrastinating a little myself until I can make a research trip to the library to learn about American made violins. I always do this to myself, write something, realize I know very little on the topic and then have to go back and research it. Oh well I've gotten 127 pages of my current ms done in about a month so I'm happy with that :-). Take care Ellen :-)