Wednesday, October 6, 2004


I have finally heard back from my first-grade daughter's teacher. She determined dd reads at a third-grade level, so she's ordered third-grade phonics materials and will have her start reading "The Boxcar Children" book. Sounds okay to me.

I Googled myself yesterday. Although Ellen Fisher is a painfully common name, my website is the first listed. And over in the "sponsored links" there's a link to LOVE REMEMBERED on Amazon, which is cool. Of course, there's also a link to eBay, where it says I can find new and used Ellen Fishers. I promptly emailed DH and told him about that, just in case he wants to add to his collection:-).


  1. Glad your daughter is finally getting the stuff she needs! And LOL on Googling. I'm afraid to Google myself--like what if I don't show up? *g*