Thursday, November 4, 2004

Moving along on Unwrapped

I have spent most of the day tapping away at UNWRAPPED. I've written about 4000 words. It's nice when a story practically writes itself... that doesn't happen with every book, but it does seem to be the case with this one. I think I had a better idea where the plot was going with this novella than I ordinarily do, and that helps. At any rate, it's going great.

In a deviation from my normal writing pattern, I skipped part of the book and jumped straight to the end. Ordinarily I write from the beginning to the end (I do fill in a few things later, but I don't skip large portions of the book). But the ending scene flashed into my mind, so I figured I'd better go ahead and write it down before I forgot it. Now I just have to fill the large gap in the middle, and I'll be finished. And then *groan* I'll have to start edits. I don't usually mind edits, but I seem to have them coming out my ears right now!

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