Thursday, November 4, 2004

Why do you blog?

With the election still being discussed, I've come across a couple of author blogs that had extremely political entries. Not just "I'm sorry Bush won," but statements suggesting that everyone who voted for Bush is an idiot, or selfish, or doesn't care what happens to the country. I'm sure if Kerry had won I'd be seeing similar rants in other blogs. But considering the country is almost evenly split down the middle, it seems to me this is a guaranteed way to tick off about fifty percent of the visitors to your blog.

So-- why do you blog? Is it just a place to let off steam? Or is it a way of reaching your readers and hopefully gaining new ones? If it's the latter, is it a good idea to rant angrily about politics/religion/other divisive issues, to the point of possibly insulting your readers? In other words, is blogging a promotional tool, or is it just for fun?

Since I regard my blog as a promotional tool (although I'm not sure anyone actually visits it *g*), I keep my personal political and religious views out of it as much as possible. But that's just my take on it. I'm curious as to what the rest of you think on this subject.


  1. I blogged about this topic once and there was thread on the message board too. I think, if your blog is a part of your author website, that personal issues and beliefs don't have any place there.

    I consider the blog like a receptionist's desk of a business. When new clients come in, would you have your receptionist say those things to them? Would they say, "The boss' office is right back here. She forgot to take her Prozac this morning, so watch out. And if you voted for Kerry, she'll think you're a pathetic, uninformed loser. So don't say anything." You can bet the customer would high-tail it out of there and never come back.

    A blog is a personal diary, yes. But when it's a part of your author website, it's your job too. I think authors who wish to have political diatribes or discuss deeply personal issues, should have a separate blog for that. But that is just MHO.

  2. I treat my blog the same way I would treat comments made in a public room: carefully. While I tend to be pretty frank about my point of view, I also remember that not everyone reacts the same way to the same things, and so I try to temper my more radical thoughts with politic language.

  3. It is a marketing tool, it's a way to warm up my writing juices, it's a way to kind of interact w/other writers.....I agree with Sylvia and James....I do try to keep personal stuff, esp religious and political opinions OFF my blog because no two are the same. I do tend to think twice about what I say or posting personal rants and I won't air my personal problems. You never know who's gonna stop by or who might know who that knows who that stops by....

    And I swear I'll never discuss my medication habits (just kidding) but my sense of humor is warped, to put it mildly. Oddest yet, I don't write comedies!!!!!!